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Period Pictures

Here are a few pictures of prominent Belgians wearing swords, these pictures are copied from "La Belgique et la guerre" and probably correspond to the end of the 19th, or beginning of the 20th century.

Military : Infantry

Belgian Infantry Belgian Infantry detail
Colonel Jacques Colonel Jacques detail Commandant Paul Reding Commandant Paul Reding detail
Baron Chazal Baron Chazal detail
Colonel Tiechon Colonel Tiechon detail General Comte Leman General Comte Leman detail
Lt General Deguise Lt General Deguise detail Lt General Michel Lt General Michel detail

Military : Cavalry

Cavalry Cavalry detail Cavalry detail 3
Gen De Witte Gen De Witte detail General de Witte General de Witte detail

Military : Cyclists

Cyclist Captain Panquin Cyclist Captain Panquin detail


Policeman Policeman detail


Leopold I Leopold I detail Leopold II Leopold II
Baron Auguste Goffinet Baron Auguste Goffinet detail Baron E de Gaiffier Baron E de Gaiffier detail
Jean de Merode Jean de Merode detail Comte de Broqueville Comte de Broqueville detail
Davignon Davignon detail Schollaert Schollaert detail
Ministre Poullet Ministre Poullet Michel Levie Michel Levie detail
Ministre & Mayor Adolphe Max Ministre & Mayor Adolphe Max detail Ministre Paul Berryer Ministre Paul Berryer detail

And a beautiful series of pictures of ministers (some with a military background) from "Le parti catholique belge et son oeuvre : 25 années de gouvernement 1884-1909".

Alexandre Cousebant d Alkemade Alexandre Cousebant d Alkemade detail Armand Hubert Armand Hubert detail
Baron AMJ de Morau d Andoy Baron AMJ de Morau d Andoy detail Baron Arthur Surmont de Volsberghe Baron Arthur Surmont de Volsberghe detail
Baron Edouard Descamps Baron Edouard Descamps detail Baron Paul de Favereau Baron Paul de Favereau detail
Charles Pontus Charles Pontus detail Francois Schollaert Francois Schollaert detail
Georges Helleputte Georges Helleputte detail Gerard Cooreman Gerard Cooreman detail
Gustave Francotte Gustave Francotte detail Jacques Brassine Jacques Brassine detail
Joseph Devolder Joseph Devolder detail Joseph Hellebaut Joseph Hellebaut detail
Jules de Trooz Jules de Trooz detail Jules Renkin Jules Renkin detail
Jules Davignon Jules Davignon detail Julien Liebaert Julien Liebaert detail
Xavier Thibaut Xavier Thibaut detail Prince JHP de Caraman Chimay Prince JHP de Caraman Chimay detail