SwordsDB Standard Issue Marine Sabers

Standard Issue Marine Sabers : Trooper's Swords

Again, all Belgian Marine saber models are either foreign models or slight modifications of these models.

Marine Briquet Saber, Dutch model

Slightly curved (curvature = 2.8 cm), single-edged blade, with two fullers. Blade length of 67.5 cm. The blade features an anchor on both sides, next to the hilt. Brass hilt, cast in a single piece, with a single guard bar and single, curved, quillon terminated in a button. 26-lines grip. Scabbard in blackened cow leather, brass locket with flat frog stud and a piece of brass cut diagonally and ending in iron.

Total weight, including scabbard : 1.150 kg.

Navy Briquet Sword

Remark : The iron ending on the brass piece under the locket is missing or not visible. The round piece of metal is the museum's identification tag.

Marine Cutlass

Leconte does not mention this Saber, but it appears in the Army Museum's Navy showcase and it make sense that this saber, or something very similar, saw service in the Belgian Navy. The hilt and locket seen here are identical to that of the French 1811 pattern Navy cutlass.

Navy Cutlass

Standard Issue Marine Sabers : Officer's Swords

1837 pattern Marine Officer's Saber

The decree of December 13th 1837 replaced the 'dragging sword' carried by the officers of the Belgian Navy by the 1837 pattern Marine Officer's Saber.

This is a copy of the French 1837 pattern.

Quill-point blade, without fullers. Hilt with a single bar in gilt copper, terminating in a curved quillon. Large, very ornate edged shell, decorated with a fouled anchor. Black horn grip.

Scabbard in blackened cow leather with gilt copper fittings. Locket with loose ring and button used to attach the sword knot. The button is decorated with an anchor. Second fitting with a loose ring. Shoe decorated with a shell.

1837 Navy Sword 1 1837 Navy Sword 2 1837 Navy Sword 3


L Leconte's 'Les armes portatives des troupes belges, de 1830 à 1910'